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In an effort to help protect myself and my guests, the following measure are followed: 

  • No double booking, meaning it is only you and me inside my suite.

  • All tools are thoroughly sanitized in between each client using hospital grade Barbicide, and surfaces are wipes down with disinfectant. All towels, capes, and robes are washed after a single use.

  • Masks are optional. If you arrive with a mask on, I will keep a mask on throughout your appointment. 

  • My suite has its own personal AC Unit that is equipped with a HEPA filter.

  • Hand sanitizer is made easily available and I always use a fresh pair of gloves on each guest.

Have a specific concern or request? No question is a dumb question, please feel free to email me with any additional concerns or questions! I want all my guests to feel safe and beautiful.

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