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How to book your first appointment

For your first appointment with me, we will need a lot more time and product to achieve the results you're looking for


Please choose from one of the 3 time blocks below. If you have any questions about booking your first appointment with me, head to my FAQ!

Depth Revamp

The 'Depth Revamp' is the perfect solution for over-lightened, dimensionless hair. I'll use a combination of low-lighting, color melting, root shadowing, and toning to transform your high maintenance color into something lived-in and easy to maintain.

Note: No lightening is included in this service. Please choose the 'Classic Balayage' if you need any balayage touched up.

3 hours


Classic Balayage

The 'Classic Balayage' is meant for those who desire my signature traditional, low contrast hair painting technique. It's what low maintenance dreams are made of, designed for those who want sun-kissed dimension.

Note: This is not for those with permanent color treated hair or those who want high contrast results. Please choose 'Transform Me' instead.

Long Hair (below collarbone):

4.75 hours $650

Short Hair (above collarbone):

3.75 hours $500

Transform Me

The 'Transform Me' has all the modern, dimensional beauty of the Classic Balayage and takes it up a notch with higher contrasted, meticulously controlled results. I'll use a combination of teasylights, root shadowing, and color melting to achieve the lighter, cooler tones you've been dreaming of.

Note: This is not a color correction service.

Long Hair (below collarbone):

6.5 hours $850

Short Hair (above collarbone):

5.5 hours $750

Need help figuring out the right service for your hair?

Here's what you can expect...


Your experience begins by booking one of my three time blocks above. A New Client Intake Form will be emailed to you, and once I receive that I will confirm your appointment request.

If you need to make any changes to your appointment, you can feel free to do so online up to 48 hours before your appointment. The week of your appointment, I will reach out via email with additional information about getting to the salon and salon procedures.


For info on my Covid procedures, head here

To read my salon policies, click below.

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